The last race of the championship we had 3 cars again. Liam, Steve and Duncan.

Steve was first out with a mag failing 5.008 at 188 MPH. This was the same problem we had with Duncan's car in 2 of the qualifying runs in Tierp.

Duncan's car was not ready for the first session, so next out was Liam.

Personal best and straight to number 1 qualifier off the trailer 3.989 at 306.91 MPH


The last qualifying of the day was an evening session. 

It got late before it started, and the track was 58 degrees F. Too cold for most cars.

Both Duncan and Steve shook hard, so no improvement for Steve, while Duncan was number 8.

Of all the cars in the session it was only Liam that got it down the track. All the numbers were better up till half track when the blower belt came off.

After the first day of qualifying Liam was number 1, Steve fifth and Duncan was number 8.



Saturday was a wash out, so the qualifying order stayed the same. Not good as that meant Liam would meet Duncan in the first round on Sunday.




First pair out on Sunday was Steve. After coming back from the burnout the car leaned out and stopped.  

Next pair was Liam against Duncan. Both left hard, 0.8454 60 ft. for Liam to 0.8380 for Duncan.

Then Liam's car suddenly moved hard to the left, and his race was over. Duncan with a storming new track record of 3.8960 at 311.99 MPH.

Later it showed that Liam's rear axle broke and he got oil under the left wheel.



Second round saw Duncan's bracket car take the win over Anita with a 3.8961 at 312.18 MPH.


Duncan's crew struggled with an oil leak and could not make the final.


So that ended the race where we had the two quickest and fastest cars. All in all not a bad way to end the season.  

The cars will be out for the flame and Thunder show at Santa Pod the end of October.