We looked forward to Tierp as it's one of two tracks to run fast. We had two cars out for this meeting, and Duncan was first out. Finally we got a three on the scoreboards. 3.9130 at 489,57(304.20 MPH). Third pair out was Liam. 4.0374 at 437,25 Loosing the blower belt before the finish line. Things were looking good. We were qualified 1 and 4.



Neither improved in the second round of qualifying.


First session on Saturday saw Liam up in smoke at the hit, while Duncan shook. Now we were 2 and 5 in the qualifying. Last session Liam ran a 4.0499, so no improvement. Duncan shook again, so we stayed in no. 2 and 5 spot.



In eliminations Liam was instantly up in smoke at the hit, and that was the end of his dreams of taking 3rd. place in the championship.

Duncan had a single as Timo didn't show, and left good. Then lost the blower belt. 


Second round he smoked the tires against Anita.

Santa Pod next.