2020 was a strange year for everyone. We were all ready to go racing at the Easter opening race, but as Covid took hold, everything was cancelled. We did however make one match-race between Susanne and Antti in September.

So here we are in February ever hopeful to go racing again. We are all ready and eager for the season to get under way although the season opener in Easter still looks doubtful.

Hopefully by the time the FIA Championship starts, enough people have had their vaccine, and things will get more back to "normal"

One thing is for sure. Susanne, Antti and Duncan will be fighting for the title.





2021 FIA European Championship schedule



May 28-31 Santa Pod Raceway England

June 10-13 Tierp Sweden

July 8-10 Kauhava Finland

August 12-15 Tierp Sweden

August 27-29 Hockenheim Germany

September 9-12 Santa Pod Raceway England





Santa Pod September 2019: New European record again



After setting a new European record in Tierp Sweden, Maja improves it by a hundred of a second in the last qualifying session at the   Santa Pod Finals